Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why Canvas?

In a recent CSD EdTech blogpost (October 16, 2013) by Jared Ward, he states, “More and more teachers are using Canvas for their course instruction.” He also prompts readers for their comments, so here is my response.

Are more and more teachers using Canvas for their course instruction? While I agree that Canvas is an incredible tool for a blended learning environment (and one I use daily with my own classes), I would argue that more teachers are only THINKING about using Canvas for their course instruction than are actually using it.  Teachers are questioning ‘Why Canvas?’ and are finding it difficult to move past that one question. Maybe answering this simple question was missed in our initial training series? Regardless, let’s back up and try to answer this seemingly simple question.

So Why Canvas?  Canvas offers many excellent reasons to use it for classroom instruction. My suggestion? Try choosing at least ONE reason (1 feature of Canvas) that you think will be beneficial for your classroom and work on developing that ONE piece.  Don’t be overwhelmed by everything Canvas can do for you – start small and slowly build.

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