Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ted Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing

TED-Ed is a website for teachers and learners to find and create lessons worth sharing.  It is a site that allows teachers to find educational videos that are accompanied by lessons.  These lessons include multiple choice quizzes, open-ended questions/discussions, and links to more information about the material.  Each lesson can then easily be flipped for use with the flipped classroom teaching model.  This site also provides the opportunity to take any educational video from YouTube, TED Talks, TEDx, etc. and add sections to a lesson page where questions, links, and resources can be added.  The video below introduces the vision of the TED-Ed creators to provide lessons worth sharing.

Since being introduced to TED-Ed a few weeks ago, I have been excited about learning and becoming familiar with the content available.  Teachers could use these videos and lessons as a whole class, small group, individual, and/or as homework.  Head over to ed.ted.com to get started exploring videos, lessons, and way to flip them in you classroom!

The other exciting TEDx news is the upcoming TEDxCSD event coming to Canyons School District in November.  This event is another reason I'm feeling excited about TED Talks and the opportunity to share "ideas worth spreading."  The TED Mission of sharing content and information feels energizing to me.  If you are interested in this event register to attend today!

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