Tuesday, October 8, 2013

CSDDOCS.ORG is Increasing Communication and Helping Going Paperless

Union Middle School’s Counseling office will be using CSD docs this year to track and monitor 4 year planning and goal setting with our 8th grade students, formally known as SEOP.  

Screenshot of master document students will be filling out.
This is crucial because it ensures proper transitioning for our 8th graders to our high school staff.  The high school counselors will be invited to the student’s document and that will ensure that they have instant and current access to student planning.  They can use this in a variety of ways, but particularly it will benefit our student’s future planning and college course access in high school. The amount of memory in the CSDDOCS makes it a much better source than any other system, such as dropbox.  It allows school staff to store student information for multiple years and could even be a significant help in post high school transition as well.

Aside from the benefits of helping students transitioning to high school and making student information available instantly CSDDOCS will help reduce the amount of paper used in our school district.  For example, in prior years Union’s counselors would print 2-3 sheets per student during SEOPs, if you don’t count re-printing for updates or lost papers.  That is nearly two reams of paper saved.  While it may not seem like a lot, it is one example how Google Docs will help to save paper. 

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