Friday, October 11, 2013

BlendSpace and Combining Electronic Resources for Lessons

BlendSpace (Formerly EdCanvas)
As I have worked to prepare materials for teachers that will show them how to utilize the tools available online, I have found one tool that really helps to make this more interactive.  We are preparing courses using Canvas as our online course builder.  This is a powerful engine that can give teachers the power to have quality blended instruction.  In seeking ways to make this Canvas tool more interactive, Blendspace has been a great tool for this.

It allows you to create what I think of as a quilt of education.  With each slide, you can include pictures, videos, text, web links, and even quizzes.  This can be easily embedded with an HTML code.  It's a way to help students have an interactive content with a limitless amount of electronic resources!  I'll probably write more on BlendSpace.

For fun, I made this BlendSpace on Oklahoma in my Endorsement course.  It is silly, however it showcases some of the things you can do in BlendSpace!

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