Thursday, October 10, 2013

Film Festival Advertisement Category

Last year Canyons School District added a new category to our annual District film festival. For the first time, students were able to partner with local businesses to produce commercial advertisements. Students and businesses had positive experiences, and we all learned a lot from our first attempt. Check out some of last year's winning ads:


We are excited to announce that we will again have an advertisement category in this year's film festival. Now is the time for students to consider signing up to participate in the advertisement category for the 5th Annual Canyons District Film Festival!

Why create an ad for the film festival? This is a great opportunity for students to build skills in planning, organization, writing, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Students learn what it means to commit to completing a project within deadlines where real-world clients are invested. On top of everything, they have the opportunity to have fun while building a creative project and interacting with business leaders in their community.

Teachers, please help us spread the word about this exciting film festival category and encourage your students to participate. Creating an entry for this category would particularly benefit students who are interested film, broadcasting, art, and graphic design. We encourage teachers involved in Consumer Science, Film-making, Student News, Arts/Graphic Design, DECA, FBLA, and Business Marketing to inform your students about this great opportunity.

For more information about the advertising category and all things film festival, visit the Ed Tech Pro Learning website. Keep in mind that although film festival entries are not due until March, students must register for the advertisement category by the first week of December.

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