Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pic Collage in the Classroom

Pic Collage is a free app that allows you to import photos from your photo library, Instagram, Facebook and even web image searches.  Pic Collage lets you create collages of your pictures.  You can arrange your photos into frames, add cutouts, filters, borders, stickers and text to your collage.  

Heather Weiler, an extended core teacher at Jordan High School, has been using Pic Collage with her students.  Many of her students can’t write or talk, but are producing great things with this app.  This year Heather’s class had four container gardens.  They grew sunflowers, geraniums, pumpkins, watermelons, and herbs.  Each day, a group would go out and collect data about the garden.  They used scientific instruments such as thermometers and rulers to check sky and soil temperatures and growth of plants. Each student would document their findings in a journal.  Students whose written skills are limited, took pictures and used Pic Collage to describe their journal entry.  Below are pictures of some of the collages/journal entires that were created.


Visit Heather’s website,, to see what other great things she is doing with her students.

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