Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Internet Safety

School is out and summer is here!  This allows kids more time to interact digitally.  We want to teach our students to be good digital citizens and be safe online this summer and always.  Common Sense Media has created a media agreement for parents and kids.  There is an agreement for grades K-5, 6-8, and 9-12.  This can be a great resource for parents in establishing guidelines and expectations for kid's online behavior and use.  It can guide conversations and help students learn how to be safe online.  This article provides more information, videos, and resources on internet safety for the summer.  

The video titled Why Online Privacy Matters helps parents, teachers, and kids know the importance of keeping personal information safe.  Help your students stay safe and enjoy your summer break!

Download the Family Media Agreement here.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Technology Classes

This summer the Education Technology Department has a variety of technology professional development classes available.  Come join us to improve your technology skills and learn new information.  In-person courses are available for relicensure points or 1 USOE lane change credit. Participants will need to attend all classes to receive lane change credit.

See course descriptions below:

Teaching and Learning with iPads:
This course is designed to help Elementary (K-6)/Secondary (6-12) teachers realize the potential of iPads in their classroom while becoming comfortable using the iPad. The course will focus on effective instructional practices using the devices as well as applications to help engage students better in the learning process.

Canvas 101:
This course is designed for teachers interested in blended learning using the Canvas online course management system. Come learn about the following topics and get help with the things you need!

  • Canvas Course Setup & Basics
  • Creating Canvas Content Pages (Lesson plans)
  • Canvas Assignments & Using Speed Grader, CrocODocs, Turn-it-in.com, Rubrics
  • Canvas Quizzes
  • Canvas Discussions
  • Canvas LTI's (Using external web content)
  • Canvas Collaborations
Flip'in Utah Conference:
August 12th and 13th at Jordan High School, we will hold the 2nd annual Flip'in Utah Conference. Presenters and participants will share flipped classroom resources and ideas with those in attendance.

Click here for more information and to register for courses.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Learn about Flipped Instruction at Flip'in Utah 2014

Last year Canyons School District hosted the first annual Flip'in Utah Conference. Flip’in Utah 2014 will be bigger and better! We will have 25 hands-on, workshop-style sessions loaded with information to help you flip your classroom instruction no matter what your level of experience with technology or flipped classroom instruction.

Click on the image above to read more about the Four Pillars and 11 Indicators of Flipped Learning.

All of our sessions are coded to match the 4 Pillars of F-L-I-P as developed by the Flipped Learning Network. As an attendee you will be able to easily identify and attend sessions to help you set up and manage a flipped classroom environment, find and develop content, discover new assessment techniques and class project ideas, as well as connect with other professional educators who share your interest in flipped instruction course design.
We hope you will join us at Flip'in Utah 2014 at Jordan High School on August 12-13, 2014. For more information, to preview the schedule, and to register, please visit flipinutah.org. Registration is just $40 if paid by July 29 and provides entrance to all conference sessions as well as a lunch and a light breakfast on both days. Space is limited to the first 200 people who register, so make sure you register early to reserve your space.

Learn more about the flipped classroom in the videos below:

What the Flipped Classroom is: What the Flipped Classroom is not:

Flip'in Utah Conference
August 12-13, 2014
Jordan High School
Website: flipinutah.org
Twitter: @flipinutah

Monday, June 9, 2014

Messy Desktop- Cover It Up!

Using your desktop to store frequently used items can be helpful and allow you to quickly access files, web links, etc.  However, it is easy to let it get cluttered and messy.  We as teachers are often projecting our computers to our students and others.  A messy desktop can be distracting to learners.

So cover up that messy desktop with one of these sneaky apps!

There are a few applications you can download at the Mac store to do this.  Then with a simple click of the icon in your menu bar you can cover up your desktop for a clean professional looking display. Click the icon again and you are back to your normal desktop.  Easy peasy! 

Desktop Curtain is an application that can be downloaded at the App store for $4.99.

Camouflage is an application that can be downloaded at the App store for $5.99.

Shade is a computer application that can be downloaded at the App store for $9.99.  


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Canvas: How to Import Course Content

Earlier this month, Dustin Worm wrote a great post about how to back up your Canvas course:

Summer... How to back-up your Canvas course!

You can use that backup file to add content to a new course at the beginning of a new term or school year. During the summer, you might also create a new course in Canvas so that you can get a head start on creating course content for the fall. To do this, look for the "Start a New Course" button on the first screen you see when you log in to Canvas. You can then copy the content from this course to your official Canvas courses (those created by our upload from Skyward which have all of your students already enrolled.)

The following steps are an overview of this process:

  1. Open the course that will be the destination for the course import.
  2. Click on the "Settings" tab in the left-sidebar navigation.
  3. Click the "Import Content Into This Course" button in the right toolbar.
  4. From here there are two options you might use in the "Content Type" drop down menu: if you are importing from a course you created, you can select "Copy a Canvas Course." If you are importing from the export/backup file you created using the instructions above, select "Canvas Course Export Package" from the drop down menu. This second option will require you to locate the backup file on your computer by clicking the "Choose File" button, then locate the .imscc course file you have downloaded to your computer. Click "Choose."
  5. IMPORTANT: Check the "Select Migration Content" checkbox.
  6. Click the "Import" button.
  7. Click the "Select Content" button.
  8. Working from the bottom of the list to the top, select the course files that you would like to include in your new course.
  9. Click the "Select Content" button. 

Once you have imported all of your content, you can then begin changing dates or other details to make your course fit with your new course and the new term.

If you have additional questions, you can view these and other articles in the Canvas Guides:

A Few Great Apps for Summer Learning - Elementary Students

With the school year coming to a quick close, there will be ample time for students to work on what they have learned throughout the school year. Below is a list great learning apps that elementary aged students can utilize over the summer months. All of these apps are free and are available now for summer fun!

Click on the name of the app to a direct link to the iTunes store. 

Math Apps-
Flash to Pass Free math flashcards
Geometry Pad Create geometric shapes in a scrollable and zoomable workbook
Rooster Time Time telling app, put the hands on the clock in the correct position to tell the                 correct time
Coop Fractions Learn all you need to know about fractions- adding, simplifying, comparing,               estimating and how to find equivalent fractions

Mapping App-
 Google Earth Explore planet Earth with this fun and interactive tool

Science Apps-
Earth Viewer Explore what Earth looked like in the past with this interactive tool
Discover the most recent images, videos, mission information, and news from NASA
Moon Find out everything about the moon
StarChart A virtual star chart, in your pocket

Puzzle Apps- 
-Jigsaw Puzzle Enjoy a puzzle without all of the clean up! 
-Flow Free Connect matching colors of pipe to allow your ball to flow through the maze 
-Spot the Difference Spot the differences between the pictures

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Use iMovie Trailers to Show Your New Class Your Classroom Expectations

Instead of just writing them up on the board, use iMovie on the iPad and have your students create videos that first day of school to demonstrate that they understand your classroom expectations. Then, create iMovie trailers that you can play each day for a week or so to spotlight expected behaviors.

The next few weeks after that, create your own iMovie trailers that spotlight kids "caught being good" and showcase them. They love seeing themselves and this is a GREAT way to start each day. You are giving positive feedback (praise) as the students enter the classroom. What a better way to get each day started. It only takes a few seconds and I guarantee that it will leave an impact on that kiddo that needs the praise.

With PBIS and OtR at the forefront of what we are doing, this is a very easy, quick, and effective way to implement it.

Good luck!