Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer... How to back-up your Canvas course!

"How do I export my Canvas course?"  "Do I need to export my Canvas course?" These questions have been asked a lot lately with the end of the school year coming.  The answer is simple, with technology it is always a good idea to back up your documents, pictures, etc.  While you may never need to use your backup, having it just incase provides peace of mind!  Exporting your Canvas course will allow you to share it with other teachers or, if the unthinkable happens and a server fails, you will have a backup of your course.  Below are the steps for exporting:

1. Navigate to your course in Canvas.
2. Click the Settings link in the left navigation menu.
3. Click the Export Course Content button.
4. Click the Course export type option. Click the Create Export button to begin the export.
NOTE: Exporting a course in Canvas may take a few minutes, depending on its size. You will receive an email when the export is complete.
5. Click on the Click here to download link to download the new export.

Note: The export will be in .imscc format. You can also change the extension from .imscc to .zip and treat it as any other zip file.  Files in .imscc format can ONLY be opened by Canvas or other online Learning Management Systems.

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