Monday, May 5, 2014

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere allows an educator (or anyone for that matter) to create a poll where the audience can participate in real time.  When creating a poll, you type the question you want to ask in the poll creator, choose what kind of poll you want to create, and then click on create.  The types of polls that can be created are true/false, multiple choice, free response, "clickable" images, discourse and you also have the option to generate a "creative" poll. Any device a teacher or student can text from is how answers are submitted.  Using a web browser is also another option to submit answers if "texting" is not available. Poll results can be displayed from any web browser, presented as part of a powerpoint or keynote presentation, or embedded into a webpage.  Results can also be published from Facebook and Twitter.  

There is a Basic K-12 account that is free.  Some of the features include 40 student responses per poll that is created, the poll can be embedded into a powerpoint, and unlimited number of classes can participate.  There is a $50.00 yearly premium account that is an option if Poll Everywhere is used  daily in the classroom.  There is an institution wide plan for $500.00.  Here is a look at the different K-12 plans.

Give Poll Everywhere a try with your classroom today.  Your students will be engaged in your question and curious about the responses to your poll.

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Twitter: @polleverywhere

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