Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Time to Clean Your Laptop!

If your laptop has smudges and stains it is time to give it a good cleaning! This post is going to walk you thorough the steps of how to properly clean your laptop.

What you will need-
Soft, lint-free cloth, or microfiber cloth
Dish Detergent- Dawn works just fine
A can of compressed air
Rubbing Alcohol

Never use Paper towel or Windex
Never apply anything directly to your screen, spray into cloth first

Before you begin power down the device, and unplug any cords that are connected.

Clean your screen-
If the screen of your laptop has smudges or stains they can easily be wiped off with a clean, dry lint-free or microfiber cloth. This method can be used to clean any screen (laptop or iOS device).

Clean the lid and bottom of laptop-
First, pour a couple of drops of dish soap into a bowl or cup and dilute it with warm water
Next, dip a cloth in mixture, wring out, and wipe down the surface of your laptop
Now, rinse out the cloth with clean, warm water and wipe down lid and bottom again
To avoid water streaks, wipe down lid and bottom a third time with a dry cloth
This method can be used to clean laptop cases and display, monitor screen and HDTVs

To clean the keyboard-
Take the can of compressed air and spray away crumbs from the keyboard
If laptop has vents, spray out dust from the vents as well

If the keyboard keys are dirty, dab your lint free cloth with rubbing alcohol, and wipe your keys. 
This is a better method than using soap and water because the rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly, and we want to avoid liquid getting under the keys. 

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