Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Use iMovie Trailers to Show Your New Class Your Classroom Expectations

Instead of just writing them up on the board, use iMovie on the iPad and have your students create videos that first day of school to demonstrate that they understand your classroom expectations. Then, create iMovie trailers that you can play each day for a week or so to spotlight expected behaviors.

The next few weeks after that, create your own iMovie trailers that spotlight kids "caught being good" and showcase them. They love seeing themselves and this is a GREAT way to start each day. You are giving positive feedback (praise) as the students enter the classroom. What a better way to get each day started. It only takes a few seconds and I guarantee that it will leave an impact on that kiddo that needs the praise.

With PBIS and OtR at the forefront of what we are doing, this is a very easy, quick, and effective way to implement it.

Good luck!

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