Thursday, October 3, 2013

Infuse Learning: BYOD

View this PDF, Infuse-Learning PDF.pdfPreview the documentView in a new window, for a brief introduction to Infuse Learning
Infuse Learning is a student response system, that allows students to respond in a variety of ways on any device that has active Internet connection.  
The teacher simply creates an account and receives a room number at Infuse Learning.  They share the room ID with their students, who then log in at Infuse Learning.  The teacher is then ready to use the Quick Assessment feature to ask and get response in a variety of ways including Draw Response, True/False, Multiple Choice, Sort and Order, Open Ended, Numeric and Likert Scale.
Other option offered through Infuse Learning is the chance for teachers to create quizzes ahead of time and have students complete quiz at their own pace.  One the home page of your Infuse Learning Account, click on My Quizzes under the Quiz Management Section.  Click the 'plus' sign to create a new quiz choosing response options offered in the quick response section. Once you have created a quiz, you may Edit, Run, Share or Delete the quiz. Running the quiz will make the quiz show up on the device of any student who is logged in.

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