Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Haiku Deck for Vocabulary


This app is becoming a real favorite for teacher and student presentations because it is so easy to use. Haiku Deck is similar to what our beloved PowerPoint can do, but faster and more intuitive. Once you begin to type information in, pictures can be suggested for you based on the words you type and presentations are very fast to put together for student presentations. 
There are many programs that do similar things, but Haiku Deck is great for when you need an outline to speak from but not pages and pages of text. This is a more image-based presentation tool. *Great for speeches, outlines and group projects. 
An example of a practical classroom use is found at Albion Middle School where some teachers are using Haiku Deck to make presentations to help students learn subject-specific vocabulary terms. Teachers have been able to create presentations rather quickly with their students in class to include words, definitions and images to aid in faster understanding. 

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