Friday, January 24, 2014

Two Great Apps: Explain a Website & Final Argument

Two apps have really struck my fancy recently.  I first learned of these apps from purchasing and experiencing an older app from the Morris Cooke developer, Explain Everything.  They have done it again with two great apps that have the power to create engaging presentations that can work as a resource for a flipped or blended classroom.  These two apps are Explain a Website and Final Argument.

Explain a Website is exceptional because it allows the user to record audio and navigate a website.  One of the amazing aspects of this terrific app is that you can annotate and navigate simultaneously.  There are apps that allow PDF annotation and the annotation of screen shots, but this one allows you to annotate words while viewing and interacting with the website.  Impressive!

Final Argument also comes highly recommended.  This allows the user to present slides in a non-linear fashion.  Instead of viewing slides in order, it allows projection of slides and navigation.  It's kind of like Prezi, but is more powerful as it allows you zoom and annotate during a live presentation.

With students, engagement and novelty can go hand in hand.  These two apps really give some options when creating quality online content. They have some versatile export functions that will allow the files to be opened in a variety of formats.  Final Argument is $4.99 and Explain a Website is $0.99 in the app store.

Final Argument Twitter Feed
Explain a Website Video Tutorial

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