Thursday, January 30, 2014

Keep Work Flowing with WorkFlowy

Teachers are like jugglers, or plate spinners, or maybe plate spinners who have to juggle at the same time. It's a difficult job that requires extreme multi-tasking and constant decision making. How can you keep track of all that you have to do?


At first it looks like a text document with a bulleted list, but it's SO much more. This interactive, free, and easy to use web app allows you to create a simple "To Do List" to organize your complicated lives. Each bulleted item can become it's own item for focus, reflection, or sharing.

With so much to do in life, why not ask for help? Just share a specific bulleted item with a co-worker or colleague by email.

Setup is easy too. Go to the site, enter your email address and create a new password.  Don't stress about making multiple accounts to desegregate your personal life from your professional life.  Once you get started you can make separate lists for each and control which items are shared with who.  Share your grocery list with a spouse or room mate, and then share the classroom needs list with your grade level teammate.  Everything can be organized in one account, one list, at one site.

When you're ready to dive in, check out this short video to see the basics to using Workflowy.

Finally, if you find yourself craving Workflowy on the go, download the WorkFlowy App from the iTunes store.

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