Thursday, January 30, 2014

Supporting Classroom Instruction with iMovie

We are often looking for creative ways to support our classroom instruction with engaging classroom projects.  Ms. Blaser's students at Ridgecrest Elementary were recently able to create iMovie projects to support their Language Arts instruction.

The students have been learning about movie special effects in their Reading Street Unit.  They were able to apply what they had learned through the creation of their own iMovie project.  Each student selected a movie they felt was full of special effects.  They did online research using pioneer library and collected images that supported their movie facts.  They found royalty free music using , added transitions, titles, and other special effects to their own iMovies.  They became pros at recognizing what special effects are, identifying them in film, and even adding their own!

This idea could be used in many content areas to support student learning.  Allowing students to pick a topic and showcase what they have learned to share with their classmates and parents can be empowering and exciting!

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