Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Google Forms for Education

Google Drive can be a very valuable tool in education. Many School Districts are currently getting on the Google bandwagon by creating accounts for their students and educators, which makes using Google Forms a practical decision. Google Forms is one of the powerful resources Google provides.  This simple tool can be in a plethora of ways.

 Educators can use Google Forms as a way to help students dig deeper into their learning.  Whether the student is creating the actual survey, taking the survey, or analyzing the results, they are gaining a deeper understanding of the curriculum.  

Teachers can create quizzes using Google Forms. After the students have taken the quiz, the teacher can quickly grade the quiz using the add-on Flubaroo.  Flubaroo takes about 3 minutes to set up, which saves hours in correcting and analyzing time. Flubaroo averages the question results, gives a total score and average per student, and will even email the results to the student. 

Google Forms are also a great way to interact, communicate, and get feedback from parents. What better way to ask for parent volunteers for a field trip, class party, or class rotations than building a survey?  Teachers could create the form, email it out to parents, and then look at the responses.  This not only saves trees, but it also saves class time by not having to pass out and collect papers.

There are many ways that Google Forms can impact Education. I have only mentioned a few.  Take a look at ­­these websites to learn more about the possibilities of Google Forms:

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