Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Connected Classrooms- Virtual Field Trips

Field trips are a valuable educational tool.  Students need to see curriculum they study in the classroom applied to real life situations.  With tight budgets, and high transportation costs, most teachers are not able to take students on as many field trips as they would like to.

Connected Classrooms, otherwise know as Google Virtual Field Trips, is a fantastic way to bring culture and experience from around the world right to your classroom. Interact with virtual field trips in real time, or view them later at your convenience at no cost.  

Participating in a virtual field trip in real time gives your students the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered on air by the experts!  Field trip hosts often post valuable resources on the field trip page that can be used for extension activities either before or after the field trip.

Virtual field trip videos are posted after the live event ends so you can access them anytime!  Field trips are available in the subject areas of Art & Music, Science & Nature, and Social Studies.  Topics range from sea vomit to holidays at the White House.  This tool is sure to bring any topic to life.  Access Connected Classrooms via the web at http://connectedclassrooms.withgoogle.com/#.

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