Monday, January 13, 2014

Creating Rubrics

By now, most every teacher has used a rubric for assessing student performance at one time or another. The research is out there and Canyons District supports the use of quality rubrics for evaluation in a variety of forms, so it is not a shock that many grade-level teams and PLCs in schools have started using them on common assessments to gather data. 

We know that using appropriate rubrics not only helps to define "quality," but they also help set clear goals and provide specific feedback for students. Additionally, they have the added benefit of helping teachers "explain" why a certain grade was earned on the given assignment or exam and give a tool by which to measure improvements. 

Why then, don't we see more rubrics being used in classrooms beyond gathering data? Part of the issue might be the time that it takes to create or modify them to match the new Common Core Standards
So, to help remedy this issue, below you will find several resources for the easy creation of rubrics for your classroom! 

  • Try Rubistar, my personal favorite, for pre-made as well as customizable rubrics fast! 
  • Or check out Teachnology Rubric Tools rubric collections and rubric creations sites of all kinds. 
  • Also there is the University of Wisconsin- Stout rubric page with resources available for rubrics on everything from webpages and research to wikis and podcasts! 
If you need help with the use of these tools, check with your school's Ed Tech and for the content of a quality rubric, check with any of our Evidence Based Learning Specialists who would be happy to help with the creation of your rubrics! 

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