Thursday, February 27, 2014

TWO Many emails? Not a problem with CSD Docs!

Wouldn't you think a teacher would know the correct form of the word "too" to use in a blog title?  In this case, "two" IS the right tense, especially since having two separate email address to check can make a person pretty tense!

If you're a teacher in the Canyons District you have probably been using your account to manage emails and calendar events in either Microsoft Outlook or the online version, OWA.  Now that the new CSD Docs accounts have been created for all Canyons District teachers and students, you officially have TWO email addresses.

Let's make life EASIER with this new service, and set up your CSD Docs email to simply forward to your account so you can manage all of your emails in one place.  And since permissions have been changed with the CSD Docs accounts to allow emails to be received, you can also respond to other teacher or student emails from the CSD Docs service.

To get started, log in to your CSD Docs account at

1. Once you are logged in, go to your CSD Docs email account by opening a new tab for
2.  Choose the setting icon from the right side of your Gmail Screen  

3.  From the dropdown menu select "Settings"

4.  From your new settings screen you will select the "Forwarding" tab

5. In this section you will select the "Forward a copy of incoming mail to..." option and enter your email address.  In addition to having your email forwarded, you may also decide whether you want the forwarded email to be marked read in your account, or even have it deleted.  This is a personal choice that you can make based on your email needs.

6.  Once you're set here, click the "Save Changes" button.  Try sending your account an email just to be sure, but now all of your email here will be forwarded to your email account.

Now that you're back to having only ONE work account to check, you won't spend TWO much time keeping up with email!

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