Friday, February 7, 2014

3 Great Apps for English Language Learners

Technology is a great way of providing English Language Learners with additional language models and vocabulary activities across the grade levels. Here are 3 great apps that are useful in improving student's vocabulary and listening skills.  These apps can be used by the student on the iPad.

Action Words
This app provides students with four pictures. The app says a word and the student selects the picture that matches. This app provides a variety of different high quality pictures. 

  Listening Master Lite
  In this app students spin the wheel and choose a topic.    After the topic is chosen, the student listens to a brief  listening passage on the topic. The student is then asked  questions about the passage. This would be a great app to prepare students for the listening portion of SAGE. 

Comparative Adjectives
This app provides students with 2 or 3 pictures. The app then asks the student to touch the ______ object, using a many different adjectives. 


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