Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Many teachers use the exit ticket teaching strategy.  These exit tickets allow students to share what they are thinking and what they have learned at the end of a lesson.  Many teachers have their students write their thoughts, questions, or answers to questions on a piece of paper which is then handed to the teacher to read through.  These exit tickets help teachers assess if students have met the lesson objectives and understand the content.  They also help the teacher plan for the next lesson or unit of instruction. is a new way to collect exit ticket feedback. is an online student response system that allows teachers to create multiple choice, free response, and true or false questions that students can answer using any web enabled device.  Teachers can create free accounts that allow them to create up to 8 classes with 60 students per class. Teachers can manually add students to their classes, or give students a class code and allow students to add themselves to a class. 

The best part about is the real time data that is provided to the teachers and students.  Teachers can quickly see who understands the content, and who needs a little more help. Students will see right away whether or not they answered the questions correctly. keeps track of student data in the scorebook, and this allows teachers to see student progress over time.  

Below is a video that will give you a quick tour of

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