Monday, February 24, 2014

Sandy to San Juan

Imagine writing to someone you might never meet. That could be difficult and scary, especially if you are a 3rd grader. That is exactly what Mrs. Fuhriman's class has been doing this year. They have been writing to students in Tamra Fuhriman's class at Robinson school in San Juan, Puerto Rico. However on Friday, Mrs. Fuhriman's class did get to meet their pen pals from Puerto Rico.

Through the power of video conferencing, the two classes connected, met each other, held a mini Academic Olympiad, and asked each other questions about what the other groups life was like in the other place.

Math and Language Arts questions dominated the mini-competition, although, I don't know that anyone kept score. I also don't think either class missed a question, which was downright impressive in and of itself.

It was awesome to see the kids on either end cheer for each other as their pen pal was introduced or when someone from the other class got the correct answer.

In the foreground of the footage, you see a cameraman from KSL who was there and filmed during the entire event. Then reporter Nkoyo Iyamba came and did a report on the event.

I am continually amazed at what the use of technology can do in the classroom. This event served to further connect students from two different parts of the world. They will remember this for a long time.

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