Tuesday, February 18, 2014

CSDdocs in 6th Grade Social Studies

The 6th graders at Butler Middle School are using CSDdocs to work collaboratively on ancient civilization projects in Social Studies.  Students were assigned a group and a group leader is designated.  Students work with their peers through Google Docs to create Documents and Presentations on their topic.  Students are assigned a specific portion of the research and project to complete.  They work on their portion of the project in Google Docs.  When they are ready for peer feedback they share the document with the other students in their group using their CSDdocs accounts.  Students review each others work and give constructive feedback.  The group leader is then responsible for taking all portions of the project and putting it together in one document.  Students present their project to the class and then submit their final project via Canvas.  Mrs. Clyde is also using the ePortfolio feature in Canvas to have her students save some of their best work for showcase during the upcoming parent/teacher conferences.  What a great way to use CSDdocs and Canvas!

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