Friday, February 14, 2014

Quick Key App is a Time Saver

I am always looking for great assessment tools that provide the teacher with useful and meaningful data while giving them results instantly.

Quick Key provides a teacher with only ONE iDevice to do the above mentioned with ease.  Quick Key is similar to Scantrons, remember those (image below)? The problem however, most schools had only one machine to scan them and the Scantron themselves were expensive to buy.

Quick Key allows you to print your own scannable document, create classes (export from Skyward), and create tests.  Once students take the test, the teacher simply uses their iDevice and Quick Key App to scan and score the students test.

The drawback at this point, Quick Key does not allow you to assign a student number that corresponds with the students CSD ID. Quick Key assigns each student a four digit code. The website does point out assigning student IDs is coming in the near future.

Quick Key Website and Apple App

For teachers with access to an iPad or computer labs and who are looking for easy ways to assess student learning please check out these assessment  tools: Socrative,  Infuse Learning, and/or Canvas.

D. Worm

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  1. This looks really cool! Thanks for sharing Dustin!