Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Virtual Field Trips

Ever wanted to take your students on a field trip but couldn't afford the bus, admission fee, or time away from the classroom?  Now you and your students can participate in Virtual Field Trips!

iTunes U has a section dedicated to virtual field trips, such as national parks and museums all around the globe!

Mr. Linde at Corner Canyon High School is taking advantage of these programs and is partnering with the Greenville Zoo that provides live web conferencing.

Other virtual activities include live feeds from various zoos.  The San Diego Zoo offers live feeds of their elephant, panda bear, polar bear, koala bear, and condor exhibits.  Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has a live feed of their zebra habitat, and you can even watch the activity of the African safari without the danger!  Animal Planet also partners with zoos, aquariums and shelters for live feeds of sharks, sea turtles, brown bears, penguins, as well as domestic kittens and puppies available for adoption.  Be sure to check the time zone before connecting with a live audience!

Take a virtual field trip today!

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