Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Year of Change

The year of change is upon us as grade reconfiguration, the opening of several new schools and new technology tools throughout the district are in place to kick off the 2013-14 school year! While everyone in Canyons District is excited, we are also very busy this time of year, so this blog is a place to come for quick tips, tricks and ideas for using technology in your classroom. 


In keeping with the "short and helpful" theme established, a good start of the year reminder is to make sure you have downloaded Dropbox to your new devices and have updated old documents. Especially with so many changes (if you are on a new team, teaching a different grade/ class/ subject or switched schools) it is a good idea to double check before adding new files and sharing them.

If you are new to Dropbox, it is a free tool that allows you to bring your documents, images and videos anywhere and easily share them with others without having to e-mail them. Sign up HERE and start connecting today! (For help with this contact your Ed Tech.)

Good luck and have a happy school year!

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