Thursday, September 5, 2013

Continuing Education Through Reflection

Canyons School District emphasizes continued education for their educators.  Therefore, the district provides many PD experiences throughout the year to help teachers improve Instruction. Although teachers can gain an immense amount of knowledge through PD, they can also learn through personal reflection.  One great way to  reflect is by recording a lesson and watching it back. Sarah Brown Wessling from Johnston, Iowa explains this type of reflection in the six minute video-
Using Video to Improve Practice: Do It Yourself!

At Edgemont Elementary, the BLT (Building Leadership Team) will be helping their teachers put the idea of personal reflection through video into practice.  With the use of an iPod connected to a Swivl, teachers will record themselves teaching a lesson. Then, the teacher will watch it back and reflect.  She can either watch the video back individually or reflect with her team.  After the teacher has reflected on the lesson, she will meet with the principal to discuss her findings. Together they will figure out a plan to further enhance her classroom instruction.

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The Swivl is a great way to record a lesson for further reflection. With its 360 degree rotation, Swivl allows the iPod camera to record the teacher anywhere throughout the classroom. The teacher wears a marker with a microphone, and it allows the iPod to record video as well as voice, so the teacher can see and hear the entirety of the lesson.

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  1. Such a great idea! I am going to use this with a teacher at Albion this month. Great post!