Monday, September 23, 2013

UTIPS nearing the End!

For over a decade now teacher have been using the state sponsored Utah Test Item Pool Service (UTIPS) to do formative testing with their students. The item pool is built around the 3 main core items, Math, Language Arts, and Science, that students are tested on in end of level tests. UTIPS is going to be replaced with SAGE.

That being said, what about all the tests that have been written by teachers that are not based on the item pool? What about CTE teachers that have their tests and still want to administer them this year? The answer is they will be able to still use one of the 2 UTIPS services, but there needs to be a plan to get their tests moved and backed up.

Currently is still functioning and has years of teachers' content on it. It was scheduled to be put out of service this past summer but has been extended for one more year, expecting June 30, 2014 to be the new shut down date. It will not be maintained or updated. Districts wanting to use it need to set up terms and schools so that they can collect the student data. No student accounts will be uploaded as they have been done in the past, so if you want a quick way of adding student data, please see the video below. Tests can be imported from here to the Core UTIPS server, (more on this below) and from there they will be available to move forward to SAGE.

The Current version of UTIPS is Core UTIPS, found at This version is the replacement for and is capable of importing tests from there. It is really quite simple, once you have your account, simply login and go to the settings menu where you will see the import option.

This version is being updated and supported fully. To get started you do need and enrollment code from your district UTIPS Admin, which in Canyons is your school Ed Tech. Test are usable in this version for an undefined amount of time. It is expected though that over the next few years that you will upgrade to SAGE. More information on how to use Core UTIPS is available at:

Do you need to do anything now? Well, if you only use UTIPS for your core item tests, then no. SAGE will be available for practice tests soon and in Feb 2014 you will be able to write your own tests. But for those of you that have depended on UTIPS in the past we have a solution that is easy and fast for you now. If you have questions, feel free to send me an email,

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