Friday, September 13, 2013

The Courage of Teachers with Technology

This year is becoming quite an opportunity for growth for me as an Ed Tech.  At Mt. Jordan Middle School, they are beginning an ambitious 1:1 technology program.  This has involved massive coordinative efforts on the parts of several district departments and school administration and faculty.  The people that have impressed me the most are the teachers.  They have such tremendous desire to use the tools taught them in these trainings as quickly as possible.  Technical problems have not stopped their drive to integrate technology into their teaching as much as possible.  We are teaching them to use an app/computer program called Doceri. 

Many used this amazing program with their iPads the day they learned about it in Faculty meeting.  I look forward to seeing the engagement of students and teachers as they provide unprecedented access to technology in all classroom activities!  Stay tuned for more news of how they are doing at Mount Jordan Middle School in upcoming blog entries!

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