Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Magic Of Keynote

Did you know that Microsoft’s PowerPoint isn’t the only presentation software that you have access to
in Canyons on your Mac laptop? You also have Apple’s Office suite available to you and part of that suite is the Keynote application.

Keynote is an excited software because not too many students have seen it. It is so easy to put a presentation together and it does everything PowerPoint does and more. One of the features that I just learned about is the animation of Magic Move. You place the object on the slide where you want it, then you duplicate the slide and on the second slide, you move the object. Then when you start the show, Keynote will move the object on the first slide to where you placed it on the second slide. It is really cool. This short video will show you how easy it is to use this animation. I hope that you like it and that you will want to use Keynote in your classroom soon.

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