Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WebRangers- Making History Engaging!

The National Park Service has created an interactive website for kids of all ages (specifically K-8) to explore U.S. history. It is called WebRangers. A child can discover interesting historical facts by engaging in activities related to the national parks, monuments, and historical sites.  With over 60 activities in 7 different categories, students are bound to find a part of history that excites them.
A student can view activities as a guest, or for a more customized experience, they can create their own personal WebRanger account.  The WebRanger account allows the child to create a personalized ranger station, track their progress, and even earn badges.  The activities range in ability level, show movie clips, provide hands-on activities, and have assess the student’s knowledge.

For teacher’s, there is a WebRangers Teachers’ Resoure Guide.  The guide outlines the activities and shows which standard/s they apply to in the Common Core.

WebRangers could be used as a whole class activity, a station, or simply as a fast finisher. No matter how it is used, it is sure to create a fun, interactive environment for the students, and is a safe, reliable source.     

Become a WebRanger today at:

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