Friday, March 14, 2014

Stopping Your Computer Going to Sleep has Never Been Easier: Caffeine Anyone?

Every teacher has experienced their computer going to sleep or screen saver in the middle of a presentation.  While there are ways to change your settings to a longer idle time before your computer goes to sleep, there is a much easier way.

With a creatively punned name, Caffeine, a free app (software) for your Mac computer, allows you to decide when you want your computer to stay awake.  Once installed, Caffeine will be installed in the menu bar (Image below).  To download, go to the App Store icon and search for “Caffeine" (Image right).

Like a cup of coffee, when Caffeine is activated by clicking on the “cup,” your computer will stay awake.  By clicking on the “cup” it will fill with coffee and when you click the icon again the coffee will be gone.

Caffeine as a great productivity tool for any teacher who presents to their students.  Don’t forget to empty the cup… 

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