Monday, March 10, 2014

Jelly App

Everyone in education knows that a typical day at school is filled with questions. Teaching students how to ask and answer quality questions is actually one of the more important skills we teach kids because as they become adults, knowing what, how and who to ask good questions is invaluable to future success.
These days, asking questions has changed some with the development of smartphones and the use of the internet, but I've found that just posing questions out into the universe isn't always the most effective way to find answers, that is, until I discovered the Jelly app!

This fun new app has some features similar to Pinterest, but in this case, users are able to take and post photos that they can use to ask others questions. The picture-based questions can be forwarded to non- Jelly users as well and does connect with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook which can include hashtags to group questions by topic.
I can see this being an app that both teachers and students would enjoy in and outside the classroom walls as it crosses the barrier between personal and learning questions.
The app also allows users to respond to one another and provide answers, tips, suggestions and feedback which is a wonderful opportunity to teach about appropriate social networking and community building!

Check it out for fun or for learning and especially if you have a question to ask- or an answer to give!

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