Friday, March 7, 2014

SAGE Writing Practice Tests

The Window for the SAGE Writing Test is April 1st- April 21st. With the quickly approaching it is advised that teachers expose their students to the SAGE Practice Tests.
Here is a brief "How To"
To access the SAGE Practice Tests go to Once you are on this website, please follow the steps below. If you need assistance with this, please ask your Educational Technology Specialist.
1. Click on the Training Tests icon. This is found on the right hand side of the page. 
3. The Please Sign In screen will come up, select the Sign In button in green.

4. Once you are signed in, please select the grade level practice test you would like to take, and then select yes.

5. Now, select the subject specific practice test you would like to take by clicking on the test name. If you are doing a writing practice test select Start Writing Grades 3-5. 

6. Once you have selected the subject specific practice test. You can change your settings if you wish. When you are finished select the green Select button.

7. The next screen will as, "Is this your test?" select Yes, Start My Test.

8. The next screen will notify you that Text to Speech will not be available, select Continue.

9. On the next scree, you can choose to read the Contents. Once you have finished scroll down. 

10. Select the green Begin Test Now.

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