Friday, March 21, 2014

Projecting your iPad...What Are Your Options?

About four years ago, I was teaching 5th grade.  I was given an iPad to use with my students.  I spent several hours researching ways I could use this amazing new device with my class of 30 kids.  It was the new iPad 2 that had just come out in stores.  There was an amazing rear camera and this new feature I would learn about called Airplay.  I discovered that the new version of the Apple TV had just come out and would mirror the iPad onto a television or other HDMI compatible device.  I had a VGA projector in my classroom, and would need a converter to get it to work.  My principal purchased this equipment with the understanding that I wasn't sure it was going to work.  It did work, so for about $140 in equipment I could project my iPad for my class wirelessly.

Airplay symbol
Today, there are many more less expensive options that utilize Airplay on an iPad.  Teachers are using iPads as a remote mouse and annotation tool in concert with the computer (Doceri) as well as using the ever developing catalog of apps that support curriculum through mirroring.  There are more options than ever for projecting your iPad.  The less expensive options involve projecting your iPad to your computer that is connected to the projector.  The Apple TV offers a solution absent of a computer.  Check out these options to see which one fits your current classroom situation!

AirServer -$14.99 (bulk pricing is available)
Apple TV- $99

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