Thursday, December 5, 2013


As winter draws near, it is easy to fall into the slump of the winter teaching blues.  The TeachingChannel is a great way to rejuvenate yourself and remind you why you became a teacher! For example, watch the video below by Taylor Mali posted on

The TeachingChannel has a collection of videos and other resources to keep you motivated.  The free site houses nearly 800 videos in many different content areas and topics.  These short video clips provide a wide variety of teaching strategies for pre k-12, and are a great way to renew engagement in your classroom. The videos have great lesson plan ideas, engagement and behavior strategies, and even have ideas for new teachers.

By using the share button in the Resources tab, the website can be used as a web 2.0 tool.  You can upload videos, lesson ideas, or other documents and presentations.  You can also follow other teachers, creating an extensive collaborative network.

So, instead of dreading going to school during the cold wintery months, try visiting the TeachingChannel and get some new ideas to brighten and cheer up your classroom.

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  1. Utah has it's own edition of the Teaching Channel! Visiting You'll see videos and clips specific to Utah!