Friday, December 6, 2013


Teachers at East Sandy Elementary have a reason to celebrate!  Alison Stroud, Lora Griffin and Karen Johnson were all awarded Donors Choose grants.  With the help of their Achievement Coach, Brooke Rauzon, the teachers wrote grants to purchase technology for their classroom.  Alison wrote her grant for two iPad Minis which was fully granted.  Alison stated that it was very easy to complete the grant and that it only took about 30 minutes to complete.  She would love to do it again and says, "Take the time!!!  It is well worth it.  I am so excited to have two new iPad Minis in my classroom to enhance my technology curriculum throughout the day."  Lora and Karen also applied for iPad Minis through Donors Choose. Lora included headphone splitters and other accessories for her iPad Minis.  They agrees that the process was easy and only took thirty to forty minutes to complete.  Karen and Lora were both very excited about the support that their Donors Choose grants will help in their 'College and Career Ready Classrooms.' Lora states, "Would you like to earn $800 in an hour?, It is possible! I have applied and received numerous grants...but Donors Choose is by far the shortest and easiest grant to apply excuses unless your classroom doesn't need $800."

For more information about grants available for teachers, visit ProLearning!

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