Thursday, December 12, 2013

Presentation Tools

Are your students tired of creating a PowerPoint every time they present to the class? There are many great options for students to create unique presentations that are just as clear and communicative as a PowerPoint, but mix things up a bit and encourage creativity. Check out this list of possibilities!

Computer-Based Software Tools:
  • PowerPoint - A great tool if your students haven't used it a lot already
  • Keynote - Similar to PowerPoint with great creative potential - Available for Macs only
  • Comic Life - Create presentation comics or posters. Kids love using the software.
Web-Based Software Tools:
  • Google Docs Presentation - Similar to PowerPoint, but students can collaborate simultaneously!
  • KerPoof - "Kerpoof is all about having fun, discovering things, and being creative. Here are just a few ways that you can use Kerpoof: Make artwork, make an animated movie... tell a story..."
  • ZooBursta digital storytelling tool that lets anyone easily create his or her own 3D pop-up books.
  • StoryJumperPublish your own children's book. StoryJumper is a place to create and discover stories for kids.
  • Prezi - Presentations that zoom in and out
  • Voki - "Create speaking avatars and use them as an effective learning tool.
  • PowToon - Create animated videos and presentations
  • Animoto - Create easy, beautiful videos online
  • Layar (augmented reality) - Bring print to life with digital content
  • Weebly - Build your own website
  • VoiceThread - Create presentations, then narrate them and have others leave audio comments.
  • SlideRocket - "...make great presentations that engage your audience and deliver tangible results."
  • projeqt - "Dynamic presentations for a real-time world"
  • - "Your creation and presentation tool, simplified"
iOS Apps:
  • Keynote - There's an app for that!
  • Doceri - "The professional iPad interactive whiteboard and screencast recorder with sophisticated tools for hand-drawn graphics and remote desktop control."
  • Stage - Interactive whiteboard and camera app
  • Haiku Deck - "Meet Haiku Deck, a completely new kind of presentation software. We make telling your story simple, beautiful, and fun."
  • KerPoof - There is now a KerPoof mobile app too!

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