Friday, December 13, 2013

iTunes U and You...

iTunes U is a growing source of knowledge.  No longer are we kept from quality resources because of cost!  There are full courses and materials from the greatest educational institutions available for free for everyone.

Our Ed Tech department is taking a crack at creating content that is available to our own teachers and those who live/work in other areas as well through iTunes U.  A couple of great courses we created are "Using Pearson Successnet in your Classroom" (geared toward K-6) and "Designing Instruction for the 1 iPad Class" (designed for all grade levels).

Topics can be searched by genre, institution, or academic level (K-12/Higher Ed/Beyond Campus).  One featured piece was created by the University of Virginia.  It is called "The Kennedy Half Century" and chronicles his presidency and legacy following his death.  This is one example of how we have access to more knowledge that will help us to become even better teachers.  There are many examples of amazing content available to anyone with an iOS device.

From practitioner information to lifelong learning enrichment, it's all here on iTunes U.  Just download the Free App on your iPad, sign into your Apple ID and download a course that interests you.  For more information check out our ProLearning page on iTunes U!

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