Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Find My iPad

If you have an iPad or other Apple device (iPhone or Macbook Pro), knowing how to find it if lost is a MUST!  This is a great tip to know even if you misplaced your device in your house, bag/purse, car, or pile of papers on your desk.  

Even though the app and demonstration video use an iPhone, the app and features function the same way.  Watch the video or follow the written steps below:

1. Install Find my iPhone app on your iPad. 
2. Enable Location Services for Find my iPhone app in Settings> Privacy> Location Settings> Turn On AND Settings> iCloud> Log in with iCloud or Apple ID> Turn on Find my iPad.
3. Log onto with your Apple ID on your computer or other internet-accessible device.
NOTE: You can use different Apple ID's for your different devices, just remember which is which.
4. Click the Find my iPhone button and select the device you would like to find from the device drop-down menu.  
5. After clicking the green button on the map, you can choose to play a sound, lock the device, or erase the device.

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