Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Reading and the Common Core

There are resources available that can help teachers determine the reading level for a text that educators can use that meet the the Common Core Standards.  The Lexile range is used to determine the Lexile framework for reading.  The following resources are available that will help educators determine the Lexile range of published works.
This is a free analysis tool to help parents, educators, and students measure the Lexile ranges of books already published.  This will help determine if books are age appropriate for students or if they will be too difficult or easy for students to read.  The tool basically matches readers with texts! Creating a free account allows users to create and save reading lists that been compiled based on Lexile measures.

Level It Books
This app can be purchased for an iOS or Android and returns Lexile information after scanning the bar code of a book.  The app also suggests a "Book of the Day" that students enjoy reading on a K-8 reading range.  Books are also suggested on a high school reading level.

The resources below can be used to help students increase their reading abilities and their Lexile Levels using the Common Core as a guide.  

This is a free online software that helps educators find text that is at a higher reading level for their students and also helps incorporate informational text into their curriculum.  Student accounts can be created along with word games and lessons that will help students increase their vocabulary and reading skills.

AbiTalk offers a variety apps on the elementary level that will help students with their comprehension, phonics, building sentences, and vocabulary.  There is a Nonfiction Reading app that includes 20 nonfiction science stories and reading comprehension activities.  This is a great resource to help students develop their reading skills.

DoGo News
This is a site for kids of current events and nonfictional articles written at appropriate grade levels for students in grades K-8.  The articles are provided with common core state standard based activities and each resource also provides comprehension questions and a critical thinking challenge.

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