Thursday, February 19, 2015

SAGE Writing - Are we ready?

As I watch students and teachers preparing for SAGE writing, I am reminded that we are really not ready yet, but there are a lot of great ways to get ready!

1. Use a whiteboard app on the iPads. Have your students write introductory sentences, then switch iPads. Have them continue through the writing process. The kids will get a kick out of writing together.

2. Use the website "Wonderolopolis" and use the day's topic as a writing topic. It can easily be transferred into a persuasive essay if desired.

3. Have your students use their iPads and use the camera. Send them out to the playground, lunch room, or other common areas. Have them take pictures of students following PBIS and students who are not. Assign them to use the writing app Pages and write a persuasive essay as to why students should follow PBIS and the effects of not following it.

4. Have your students use the camera and interview a teacher. Have them write using the Notes app about this teacher and how teaching has shaped him/her. (Explanatory)

5. Use Utah Compose on a daily basis between now and the test. VERY IMPORTANT. Kids need exposure to the tool!

6. Go in with your students into the SAGE training test at least once. Make sure they know how to use the tools, such as highlighting.

Most importantly, make sure they know that writing is a great skill. It can be a lot of fun and can engage them if given the proper tools.

Happy writing!!

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  1. Sallie: These are all great suggestions for getting students to write. I really like the website "Wonderolopolis" because everyday there's a question that naturally sparks a student's curiosity as they wonder about life. Not only are they using their imagination, but they are learning about the wonders of life. There is also an app the can be downloaded for free.
    I think that it is also important that along with practicing the writing process, students are also practicing their keyboarding skills. Students need to be able to type using correct fingers in the right place. It helps students with typing effectively instead of hunting and pecking their way through their writing process and testing. There are many apps out there that will help students develop this skill. Thanks for sharing your post. It was very thoughtful and helpful for Utah educators as they prepare their students for SAGE writing.