Thursday, February 26, 2015

Imagine Learning Interventions

Imagine Learning has some great intervention resources available for teachers! Teachers are able to drill down to individual skills that will help students who are learning English.  Teachers access this information, and can print skills sheets to help students in a small group setting. The reports will also allow teachers to group students who need help with the same skill.

Here are the steps:

1.     Log in to: (see your Ed Tech if you don’t know your log in information)
2.     Once you log in, you have several options: reports, skills lessons and management (see below).

1.     Teachers can click on the color buttons to link to specific lessons you might want to use in a whole class or small group setting.
2.     The Management link will allow you to view your students and check the progress they are making within the Imagine Learning Program.
3.     The Reports link is the where the Intervention Resources are housed. Once you click on the “Reports Menu”, you will have two choices:
a.     Growth lets you select your students to compare their growth in the Imagine Learning program with other students in your class, school, or across the district.
b.     Click on “Action Areas” to access the intervention resources.

1.     Once you are in Action Areas, there is a “How It Works” help sheet to walk you through how the interface works. These are always available from the “Tutorial” link.
Here are screen shots of what is available:

I hope you find this resource useful in helping students be successful in their challenging task to learn English!

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