Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Evernote Peek

With Spring approaching standardized testing looms on the horizon.  How do you prep your students for the test?  Do you make reviewing the content you've worked on all year fun?  Evernote Peek is a great app that turns reviewing into a fun activity!

Evernote Peek is a fun tool that takes your notes and turns them into flashcards...but not just any flashcards. This app uses your iPad's Smart cover (if you have one) or an on screen version (if you don't have one) to display the content in sort of a game style format. It's very cool!

It's really easy to set up*.
1. Take notes in Evernote (on your computer, iPad, or phone)
2. Open Evernote Peek and sign into your Evernote account
3. Select the notes you wish to turn in to flashcards and it does it for you. Here are some tips on how to set up your notes.

One of the really cool things about this app is that it has the capability to add voice notes! You'll see a great example in the video below. There are also a bank of notes already created for you to draw from (like the periodic table, world capitals, etc.), or you can create your own. This app would be a great way to review as a whole class, or for independent practice.

If you were going to use this in an Elementary classroom for independent study you could set it up this way:
  • Create a class Evernote account
  • Prepare the notes ahead of time
  • Have your students sign into the class Evernote account when they open the app
  • Have students download your notes to begin using Peek
In a secondary classroom for independent study you could use Peek like this:
  • Have students create their own Evernote accounts using their CSDdocs accounts
  • Have students take or copy notes on the topic of study
  • Have students sign in to Peek and download their notes to begin studying


  1. The Study Blue App is another mobile app that can turn notes into Flashcards. Since Evernote has decided to stop support Evernote Peek, you can import your Evernote Notes into Study Blue to make the transition easy. In addition to the "Study your Notes" option, you can create a quiz to test how well you are remembering what you have studied. You can even search for online flashcards and notes from other people. Check it out today...

  2. I tend to love all Evernote products so it saddens me to read Rachel's comment about Evernote no longer supporting Evernote Peak. It seems like a great application and so I will have to check out Study Blue App.

  3. Like Lindsi, I am sad to hear that Evernote Peek is no longer supported by Evernote. I am excited to try out Study Blue and see what it is all about. Many of my teachers (especially my Chinese Dual Immersion teachers) also love using Quizlet with their students.