Thursday, January 8, 2015

SAGE Writing Summative Test

The time of year has come that we begin to look at preparing for the end of year SAGE Summative tests.  The SAGE Writing test window for Canyons School District is February 2-10. As teachers begin to prepare for administering tests, the EdTech Department has been working hard to prepare training and support for the teachers and students.  A few things that will help prepare your students for the writing test is Utah Compose.  Utah Compose will help your students learn, use and practice writing skills with instant feedback. Visit the department webpage or ask your EdTech for more information.  In regards to the preparation for the actual test, students should explore in the SAGE Training Test.  This training site will allow students to explore the format that most closely represents the actual test.  New features to be aware of include the dictionary feature and the tutorials.  The tutorial videos are a great resource for students to explore the question types.  The dictionary feature allows students to choose from a list of similarly spelled words as well as look up the definition. There is also a thesaurus to find synonyms.  More information will follow and include testing information on the English Language Arts, Science, and Math tests that will occur April 20-May 30.      

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  1. Thanks for the post, Danae. As has been mentioned in the post, SAGE has added many tools to the Writing component of the test. These tools could be very beneficial to the student, but they could also be a big distraction. It will be imperative for teachers to show their students how to use the tools effectively in order for the student to be fully prepared for their test.