Monday, August 18, 2014

Start the Year Right with Edmodo (Elementary)

The first day of school is almost here and you probably have a million questions for your students.  At the same time, they probably have a million things to share, and another million questions for you!

There's no way you can cover it all on the first day of school, but you can set up a save environment where kids can discuss and share online - Edmodo!

Edmodo is a free online "learning" networking site that allows teachers to create groups for their students to share in discussions, upload files, links, take polls, and even submit work or complete quizzes.  Since Edmodo is a website, you'll find it works well on MacBooks, Windows Machines, and Chromebooks.  There is also a free Edmodo app in the iTunes App Store.

Get the Edmodo app here!

Students can set up their Edmodo accounts very quickly online once the teacher has made a group and shared the "group code".  In minutes your class will be:

  • answering discussion questions
  • completing polls with live results
  • uploading files, documents, and multimedia resources
  • accessing links and assignments
  • completing quizzes that are aligned to the common core

For help getting started and learning all the great features of Edmodo, check in with your EdTech or review one of the grade level specific Edmodo Getting Started Guides.

And for more creative ways to use Edmodo in your class, check out Richard Byrnes Blogpost - "15 Things You Can Do With Edmodo and How To Get Started"

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