Monday, August 11, 2014

Canvas Cookout, A HUGE Success!!

Monday, August 11th, 300+ Canyons School District teachers participated in a full day of training, learning all about the Canvas Learning Management system. Canvas is an online tool helping teachers build a blended learning environment for learning. Sessions at the Canvas Cookout were aligned to the Canyons Canvas Black Diamond Challenge and teachers choose the level they felt best described their current knowledge and use of Canvas. The day was filled with great sessions, collaborative conversations, games and giveaways from Instructure (the company that created Canvas), and great food from Iceberg!! Below are just a few of the comments we received about the day.
  • “Thank You!  Today was well worth it!” - Rita Egbert
  • “Great day of training!  Thanks Ed Techs” - Andrew VanWagene
  • “Quizzes!  Learned how to make a quiz!” - Kaitlyn Faraone
  • “Graph Builder, Love how you can show formulas & you can insert the graph on the page.  The formulas change the shape of the graph! WAY COOL.  J” - Hanna Kaier
  • “How to embed Twitter, Quizlet YouTube, Khan Academy, etc. WOW! - Marianne Bates
  • “[LTI’s] cool resources to use within Canvas.” - Joseph Karlsven
  • “Like Graph Builder – will use in Physics.” - David Morrill
  • “Quizlet!  Great study guides for tests!” - Jennifer Muir
  • “I love Quizlet!  I have already added it to one of my modules.” - Heather Reavy
  • “This was a great seminar/training!  Thanks!” - Camille Haskan
  • “I created awesome pages to link to my homepage. I’m really excited about it actually!” - Jordan Lynn
  • “Yea! How to import graphics into a quiz.’ - Jennifer Saut
  • “I am so excited for embedding Google Docs and YouTube Videos!” - Jennifer Hendren
  • “Lots of awesome [LTI] APPS! - Joseph Olson
  • “The graph Builder is also cool too!” - Lindsey Glauser
Did you miss the training event?  Don't worry! All of the training materials are online in the Canvas Fast Course for you to work through the materials on your own. Completing all of the modules will earn you 2 USOE credit hours. 1 credit hours is earned for completing the basic modules and another credit hour is earned through completing the advanced modules. It is a great opportunity for you to learn about using Canvas for instruction and your own pace even!! If you feel like you need more training than provided online or just learn better in face-to-face training, reach out to school Educational Technology Specialist.  They will be happy to provide additional training!  

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  1. I can not possibly say how many teachers have commented on all the things they learned from the Canvas Cookout this summer! Not only has the feedback been positive, but many teachers have asked if we can "do this again" next year. I honestly think the design of this day was a huge success and I'm so proud to be working with a team of creative and passionate educators. If you didn't get a chance to attend this year, check out the links Rachel included in this post or contact your Ed Tech for Canvas help.