Thursday, April 10, 2014


Telegami is a fun app for anyone to create an avatar that will allow you to record up to 30 seconds of speech, or will "speak" text you type. It will also allow for the uploading of images into the background to personalize it before posting it to social media or emailing the link out for use in other locations. The avatar/ character you create is very easy to manipulate and will allow you to change everything from shoes to hair color to make it look more like the speaker (or like whomever you prefer). It is a very simple to use application that would work for most ages/ grades.

 In a high school English classroom this past week, I worked with 9th graders who used this app to do a book review as a character from the novels they'd read. As part of their assignment, the students created word-clouds of vocabulary terms from the book using Word Collage ($0.99) and then used those word-clouds as the background of their Telegami presentation. Then, they had their avatar/ character speak a summary of the novel itself before they uploaded the link to the class Canvas page.
The feedback from students was very positive because they were able to easily create their Telegami book report in class and upload the link with ease! Great app for beginners and younger students too!

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