Friday, April 4, 2014

2 Quick Ways to Start Using QR Codes in Your Classroom

Today we see more and more teachers using QR codes in their classrooms. 

If you are not sure what a QR code is, take a look at the image on the left. A QR code is like a hyperlink for your iOS device.  To use a QR Code, you need to download a QR Code Scanner app onto your iOS device.  The QR Code reader app uses the built in camera to scan the code. Once the code is scanned it will redirect you to a designated website, just like when you click on a hyperlink it takes you to a specific website.
As an educator if you want to  QR codes in your classroom, your students have to have access to an iOS device. If you have iPads in your school, this could be a great use for them.  

QR codes in the classroom can can be used for many things. Students can use QR codes to aid in their research, as an answer key, or as a  technology center.  Here are two suggestions for how you can get started with QR codes in your classroom today:

Skills-Based Technology Center
You can use QR codes for differentiation in your technology center. If you have a group of students that need to work on a particular skill you can give them one QR code. If you have another group of students who need to work on a different skill you can give them another QR code that matches this skill. QR codes all look the same, so I would color code these based on the differing skills. 

Answer Key
Posted the answer key online and have your students check their working by using a QR code to access the answer key. This is a fun an innovative way to get students to learn from their own learning. 

If you want to start using QR codes in your classroom all your have to do is create one. How do you create QR code?  There are many free QR code generator sites out there. On these sites you can copy and paste the link you want to link to into a generator, and like magic the generator will create a code that you can print out and let the QR fun begin!!

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